About Us

Suzhou Hongsheng Lighting Products Co., Ltd:
Situated in Beiqiao Town with a total of 6000 sq. meters land area, Suzhou City has been the home of Suzhou Hongsheng Lighting Products 
Company Ltd. since 1995. The company is managed by the same people behind Taiwan Spectrum Lighting Company Limited. 

Suzhou Hongsheng Lighting specializes in manufacturing compact fluorescents lamps. The company also trade various lighting products such as general series lamps,metal halide, high pressure sodium, floodlights and sensors, LED lamps and flashlights. 

Quality is very vital to us. Our quality control staffs perform extensive checking from raw materials to the finished product. Strict procedures are being implemented and followed in accordance with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System to ensure quality is built on every step of the way. Our lighting products are ETL, CNS, CE, UL and GS listed to guarantee its high quality. 

Being a specialized manufacturer, we are committed to research and development.We invest on R & D for continuous enhancement and distinction. Every product is backed by our commitment to excellence 
in materials, workmanship and service ensuring you today’s best value in lighting. We will be highlightingCertain products on our sister         www.light-housecn.com which will be launched soon.

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